Are you an intuitive writer? Or is your style more methodical?

Head or heart?

Are you an intuitive writer?

By this I mean, do you plan out an article or a blog post and follow a structure? Or do you feel an almost obsessive need to pour the words out frenetically?

I do both. Depending on my mood.

And as much as I know that there is a very valid point to preparation. That planning and organising makes for better material, layout and content arranged fluidly and sharply, I cannot help but be drawn magnetically (and pleasurably) towards Intuitive Writing where my Words, Thoughts and Emotions literally pour out from my soul and bounce onto the page.

My Words poignantly gushing from my mind, as though I am Professor Dumbledore touching a magic wand to my head and drawing out a transparent swirl of mist. For the mist to suddenly and mysteriously transform into logic coherent sentences on the screen.

It’s as though I cannot make sense of the thoughts until that moment just a nano-second before they are typed. Or maybe not even until they are actually typed and I come face to face with them in wonder?

Am I even the one in control here?

I am convinced that the words start to write themselves at times.

My brain is far less involved or connected in this Heart exercise than my Soul Energy is.

Now, I am not saying this is the best way to write. It is not necessarily the advise I would give out to another person, yet it is arguably the most compelling and bewitching way to do it. It is not skilful, but perhaps it is indeed an art of kinds, and I do believe that true art is a talent.

I believe that anyone has the potential to learn, to develop a skill and to improve. Absolutely and certainly. But I also admire those lucky ones who were gifted from the start with the magic. I do so appreciate a genuine Talent. It must be nurtured and valued and encouraged to shine.

There is something about the Freedom and Rawness which invokes a natural Authenticity like no other. This is straight from the Soul.

From me to you.

In the moment. In the NOW. Not caring if I am setting myself up for a fall. No time for fears, doubts and judgement. No space for head talk. I can only hear and channel the Heart.

Vulnerable. Passionate. Expressive. Real.

Of course, I could (and maybe should)  take the time to write down ‘notes’ as these notions hit me, and then construct something more mapped out from here. Possibly this would produce a ‘better’ article, but somethings stops me. There is massive resistance towards doing this.

I just want need to write it out.

There is not always a right or a wrong way to approach something – just an instinctive personal choice of what feels right in each moment or circumstance. And writing or Blogging continues to amaze me with the parallels it makes to life lessons. Time after time.

My very own personal Guru.

Use your Intuition and decide whether heart or head should rule. But beware of the ‘rant’ where emotions overtake any sense of logic or coherency. I suggest journalling it out for cathartic purposes and then saving it as a draft to be amended at a later date. The passion will still be there but your words may just make more sense to the reader.

Dont hit ‘publish’ in anger, excitement or any other triggered intense state.

For me, I vary between writing Blogs which are more article based where the focus is primarily on sharing and giving advise, with perhaps a just few personal details of my own, but which generally are far more anonymous. And then there are the Posts which are more like a heart-felt diary entry.

It is the latter style which works best when you desire writing inuitively. It is the Innocence, the Uniqueness, the Expression and the Compassion intricately captured which matter the most, and which gives authority and compels the reader here. They want the naked reality and flow to take precedence and form the shape.

What do you think? Do your agree? How do you write and which do you prefer as an author and as a reader? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Love Carly xx

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8 comments on “Are you an Intuitive Writer?”

  1. Great topic. I relate to your experiences and can safely say that I am not usually the one in control. My best posts are the ones that just come to me as sudden ideas that need to be written, and I write them without even really knowing what I’m doing. So interesting hearing about the writing processes of others, so thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh yes Carly! That’s me! I write mostly intuitively because it’s generally how I roll. Also I have my evernote with me on my phone so whenever I get inspiration I can jot it down. <3

    • Hi Lucy,
      yes, Im always jotting inspiration down too – although funnily enough I rarely go back to my notes and tend to write a piece as soon as I feel it if I am going to. The notes are piling up though! lol. xx

  3. I am definitely a heart writer. Many of my best pieces of writing come just as I am about to drift off to sleep, I get the urge to write (it’s like I can’t sleep until I have got it all out of me) and it literally pours from me. Then as soon as I have finished, I fall into a deep sleep, and when I wake up, I often have no recollection of what I have written?!

    It’s so mysterious and I love it.

    I also like to write occasionally from the head. But that feeling of writing just flowing from your heart, is definitely my favourite way to write.

    Emma x

    • Hi Emma,
      Ooh yes i know that feeling – its like all the best words come as you are about to drift off. Maybe its the state of relaxation allowing it to channel through. You almost feel as though if you could just get up and write it would be perfect! lol. SO far I have resisted anymore than jotting a few notes down though. xx

  4. Totally agree! That’s how I write in my journal, and I’ve found sitting down for a little meditation or breathing before writing blogposts always allows them to come from the heart rather than feel forced.

    • Great tip Lauren and probably similar to those ‘dozy’ state before sleep when everything flows. It seems our best words come not only from the heart, but from a place of total and deep relaxation! Thanks for this 🙂 xx

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