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How to get some OOMPH on a bad day

I am sure you would love some more Oomph in your life too. Perhaps your Body and Mind are beyond sleepy. You have so many intentions for the day ahead. You want to get out in the glorious Autumn sunshine and meet friends. But its not possible. Once again the calling is towards Surrender and […] Read more…

Are you an Intuitive Writer?

Are you an intuitive writer? Or is your style more methodical? Head or heart? By this I mean, do you plan out an article or a blog post and follow a structure? Or do you feel an almost obsessive need to pour the words out frenetically? I do both. Depending on my mood. And as […] Read more…

What is Yoga communicating to you?

Ive heard people say this a lot; “Yoga is a way of your body communicating to you” “Get on the mat to connect and listen.” A way for you to connect intuitively to your body and your emotions. I understand this and I can certainly FEEL this, but today I experienced something a little deeper. It’s […] Read more…

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