Month: July 2017

A letter to my niece – And now you are 5

Dear Amelia, When I was a year older than you are today I received a coveted gift for my birthday. I still have it and next year I will pass it onto you. It is a beautiful and poignant book by A.A Milne titled ‘Now we are 6’ – so you see I can’t give […] Read more…

Journalling my health story out

Journalling on the enormity of my health situation

I’m feeling a need –a pull – to journal, and to write in the easiest free-flowing form possible. A form in which no care is given to word etiquette, structure nor content. The aim is to let the pen be the conductor….. Let’s begin… “….There has been a growing sense of needing to write-it-out of late. And I […] Read more…

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